XFX Alpha Dog XXX 8800GT 256MB Review :: Introduction

11-30-2007 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

XFX is first out of the gates with the latest gunslinger for the NVIDIA family, the all new XFX Alpha Dog XXX 8800GT 256MB Edition card. This card is priced at the same level as the ATI 3870 and is rumored to be thee card to have in the $200.00 price range. NVIDIA will be really making a dent in ATI’s sales if this card is as hot as they, but will availability like the 8800GT 512MB be an issue?

We are the first in the world to see this card and couldn’t wait to get this card onto a test bench and see what is really up with this new introduction into NVIDIA’s mid level lineup. Based on the new G92 chipset supporting PCIe 2.0 this card sports 256MB OF G-DDR3 sizes in at 9” and draws 105W of power. Lets take a look at what the card look likes and what it is made of. NVIDIA may just have another winner of a card in the form of this latest release.