Diamond ATI HD 3850/3870 Review :: Introduction

11-25-2007 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

Diamond has been making quite the comeback for themselves recently, itís just a shame that ATI is in a slump and falling behind NVIDIA at every turn. The launch of the 2000 series added a bit of spark to an otherwise dull lineup of cards that were gathering dust on the shelves of many a retailer and e-tailors stores, but was it enough? The 2900 Pro, which went EOL (End Of Life) way too quickly was the one card that was selling very well as it could be flashed to an XT with ease making it a great enthusiasts product. Even hard core ATI fans have started to turn away and go buy other makers VGA solutions as ATI tries to make headway, but still ends up trailing NVIDIA across the board.

Itís been just a few short months since the 2900 series launched and now we see ATI once again hitting the competition with their new 3800 series of cards, or as most people know it the R670 technology. Their has been a lot of circulating Hype about this chipset as it has been rumored to be thee chipset to put NVIDIA in their place and once again behind ATI. Diamond gave us two cards to look at for this launch, the 3870, which is geared to compete with the 8800GT line and the 3850, which is aimed at the 8600 Line. We held this review a day or so longer than the initial launch day as we were trying to get the CrossFire results in, but with the holiday looming we ran out of time and were only able to test the cards in a single card configuration for this review. So is the new 3800 series up to the game? Or will it still trail behind the competition? From the chipset diagrams shown below the actual makeup of the chipset does vary much from the previous R600 release, but there are bound to be some differences. Letís see what the tests say and take a deeper look into the R670 architecture.

Diamond ATI HD 3850/3870 Review R600 Chipset

R600 Chipset

Diamond ATI HD 3850/3870 Review R670 Chipset

R670 Chipset