SilverStone TJ10 Case Review :: Introduction

11-14-2007 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Jonathan Russell

This week we take a look at what could be described as one of the best cases designed for the enthusiast market.

The TJ10 from SilverStone is a full size chassis made entirely from aluminum. This allows the case to be light weight, anyone who has had to move a full tower loaded with components can attest to the need to keep weight down. If you are not familiar with Silverstone itís probably because they are a fairly exclusive case and power supply manufacturer. You generally do not see their products sitting on the shelf at your local computer store or even most of the major stores out there. They are also not that old of a company either, in fact, they are just getting ready to celebrate five years in the industry. But what they may lack in age they certainly make up for in creativity and workmanship. There cases are some of the finest you can find on the market and they let you know it by the price tag. A quick Froogle search shows this case going anywhere from 299.00 to 350.00 dollars. For most people thatís what you would pay for your video card or processor. So when you invest that kind of money in case it had better have everything, even the kitchen sink.

SilverStone TJ10 Case Review