Swiftech Apogee Ultimate Liquid Cooling Kit Review :: Introduction

11-12-2007 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Doc Overclock

Swiftech has been around for many years now and is a company that has helped pioneer the entire PC cooling industry. This is a company that is a hand’s on get down and dirty bunch that revels in excelling in their field and this shows in their product lineup. Gabe Rouchon himself is a self made man and is a person that gives tinkering a whole new concept. Add a staff that includes the infamous overclocker OPPAINTER Mr. Eric Cronies, and the added intelligence of PHD in progress engineer Stephen Mounioloux, and you have a winning combination of minds over at Swiftech.

Over the years we have worked on many projects in unison with Swiftech and company and they have always been a lot of fun combined with a learning experience. A lot of companies manufacture PC cooling equipment, but in reality over 50% of the products out there are just junk which you regret buying later. When it comes to liquid cooling the market is a bit better, but still there are many companies that have just jumped on the band wagon without really testing and fielding their products for performance. This results in many lackluster products that may actually work worse than the standard air cooled heatsink that comes with your CPU. Believe or not Ripley!

You should do some research before you go out and spend your money on any cooling device, but in that light all of Swiftech’s product line is above par, just read the other umpteen online reviews and you will agree. Today we take a look at some of their latest products to hit the retail shelves in a custom designed system. This review is based on a liquid cooling system that uses an all-in-one self powered pump and water-block combination. This custom designed system by Swiftech offers the user the flexibility of single solution simplicity of just cooling the CPU or the availability to also cool your SLI cards. You can also customize the entire kit with larger capacity radiators and or different sized tubing such as ½ inch or ¼ inch depending on your design. These products come with all the needed parts including the proper valves to accomplish this. We used this awesome kit to build our Ultimate SLI Rig, and I think you will like what you read and see here in our results. Check out what such a combination of Swiftech cooling devices can do for your custom system build.