ThermalTake Armor JR Case Review :: Introduction

10-29-2007 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Jonathan Russell

Today we have a ThermalTake Armor JR case to poke and prod and see what we can make it do. But first a little about ThermalTake, not that they need any real introduction, they have been around for eight years. With numerous ground breaking products that have helped enthusiasts push the limits of what computers can do through over clocking. They also produce a modest amount of silent technologies in both cooling and specific case designs; these are useful for such things as home theaters and system where sound is factor. They also manufacture variety of high quality power supplies, really a natural progression for any case manufacturer.

The Armor JR, is a case based on the full tower Armor series case. The Armor series is one that ThermalTake has adapted to cover most all segments of enthusiast market, from the original Armor to the LCS with its integrated liquid cooling system, finishing up with the Armor Extreme, one of the only cases certified for AMD Quad FX configurations. The Armor JR looks promising and offers a quality case to one more group of PC enthusiast, those with both a budget in their build cost and space in their computer area. The Mid tower design offers a lighter weight and smaller footprint giving the case a much less noticeable appearance in any computer environment. Sadly the case does not retain the extended ATX support of its older brother, as you will see later on this can be a problem for some people.