EVGA GeForce 8800GT SSC Edition Review :: Conclusion

10-29-2007 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

EVGA GeForce 8800GT SSC Edition Review

EVGA has upped all the core speeds on this card and that makes it much more appealing than the average off the shelf product. This card may seem slower on paper, but when playing games it hard to really notice any difference playing games at up to 1680X1050 Widescreen resolutions. From a visual aspect I cannot recommend the GTX or the Ultra over this card for most gamers needs. NVIDIA wants to seriously put a hurting in ATI, and this is a good weapon to help further knock ATI off the sales charts. NVIDIA now dominates the VGA playing field.

Wow, a major price drop and a card that flies's through games without a hiccup, what's there to lose? Overall there is nothing to complain about with EVGA's 8800GT SSC Edition card, and actually quite a lot to be happy with. Being a single slot solution with only one power connection is great in my book, less space, and less power requirements is all around a good thing. With HD and Blu-Ray fighting over the format war of next generation video, NVIDIA's 8 Series of cards are well prepared to handle the task of supporting both of these formats. NVIDIA's Pure Video handles most of the video processing, which offsets the power requirements of the CPU to handle other tasks, and essentially making everything run smoother.

We did not get to test these cards in SLI mode as of yet, but usually games get about a 2-3% performance boost in SLI with the right drivers. SLI with these cards will be very affordable and by Xmas an even better deal as prices drop as NVIDIA drops even more new tech to the market. SLI to me equals smoother running games, even if the framrate itself is not all that significantly boosted through the roof, all the special features can be turned on without a performance hit and that makes for great looking games. Gaming in DX10 is just barely started to take shape with the general public and with a whole batch of new titles about to hit the shelves, the time has never been riper for a shiny new DX10 capable card. EVGA has taken the standard 8800GT and turned it into one overclocked and good looking price of hardware in the form of their SSC Edition. Take that and bundle it with ID software's latest title Quake Wars Enemy Territory, and we have ourselves an Editors Choice product worthy of your attention. Good Job EVGA the SSC Edition Rocks!