CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 Case Review :: Introduction

09-12-2007 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

CoolerMaster has always been a company that has delved headfirst into the thermal and enclosure market dedicated to the vast PC industry. I have been using their products for many years now and their product always fluctuates between being really good and being just average. They sometimes make a bad product, but this is a very seldom event and they learn from their mistakes and make better products. Cases and power supplies are their strongest points and they do make a few decent air-cooled CPU heatsinks as well. I have used more of their cases than anything else as the WaveMaster was one of my all time favorite enclosures as was the Centurion for building value systems that still have a cool look, but are functional and stylish.

CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 Case Review

The new Cosmos case series is the latest addition in CoolerMaster's enclosure arsenal and it has a lot of nice features that make it a stand-out product. There are a few key points to clarify before continuing on in this review. The first point is that this new Cosmo case is geared toward the silent PC market and not an overclockers market. I have seen a few sites beat this case up claiming it doesn't do well in the high-end overclocking arena, well guess what? It is not designed nor intended for that purpose so those reviews are skewed in a bad way in my eyes. I mean you do not take an electric car that is geared toward saving fuel and review it as a race car, do you? The second thing is, enclosures that are targeted at the silent PC market (that term alone silent PC equates to low moving parts), and usually have an insulated side panel for additional noise cancellation. These are not features associated with an overclocker's case and therefore not relevant to this product review. The CoolerMaster Cosmo looks great, let's see if it is as silent as they say.

CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 Case Review