Intel V8 versus AMD 4X4 Platform :: Introduction

08-30-2007 · Category: Hardware - Systems

By Doc Overclock

In the world of CPU processors, whose is the best is always in question as the balance has swung in both directions in this war of the silicon wafer. Intel has been the leader many times and on many levels and markets, and although Texas upstarts AMD have given them a fair share of competition, Intel seems to always come out on top. AMD's FX series of CPUs propelled them into the limelight in the desktop environment, but their Opteron CPUs failed to make the impact AMD had hoped in the server domain as did the Turion CPUs in the mobile market. AMD makes a good product when they are at the top of their game, but Intel still maintains the overall leader position in all these platforms and that equates to better sales numbers. Only those gamers who just love AMD are really into the whole AM2 platform at the moment, and that is due to the mass popularity of Intel's Core 2 CPU line which is dominating the desktop environment.

The CPUs and systems in this round of competition were submitted to me as high-end, desktop systems/ workstation, but the truth is these systems cost so much that there is no way anyone but the rich could afford these systems as just their gaming machine. Intel's high-end CPUs are very pricey at the moment making them a premium dollar item, but at the same time we have seen a significant drop in AMD's entire CPU line in an attempt to gain back lost market shares. AMD has really slashed the prices of their CPUs and I was quite surprised at how low their fastest FX CPUs were selling for. At the moment, although AMD may not have the fastest CPUs on the market, there prices are very appealing to those on a budget. Intel has the fastest CPUs on the market and the best always comes at a premium, even the AMD FX series when it debuted was in the $900.00 range.

AMD will release a new Quad-Line of CPUs in the next few weeks' code named Phenom, but rumor also says they are slower than Intel's Quad-Line by a large margin. I am sure we will all see the reviews as they come out, but if rumor turns to fact I feel AMD may be in for a rough holiday season at the sales counter. Personally I hope they make a comeback, as it's no fun when Intel just dominates everything, at least the FX series put Intel to the challenge in the desktop arena and that makes for more excitement in the PC world. In this round we see Intel go head to head with AMD's flagship Quad platform the aptly named the 4X4, and Intel brings to the table their new V8 platform. This was a very long review process with many different testing processes and multiple users trying out these systems by comparison in daily usage and functionality. I think you will find that both these companies have something good in their platforms, and may be just what you are looking for in a system. Taking all this in Let the platform wars begin.