HANNS-G HW223D 22'' LCD Monitor Review :: Introduction

07-27-2007 · Category: Hardware - Monitors - LCDs

By Doc Overclock

I first heard of HANNS-G when I was surfing the Newegg website looking for an affordable 22" monitor for my test labs, and of course one that wouldn't break the bank either. After doing some intense web based research, I found the HANNS-G products to be well in the affordable range of even the budget end-user, and from reviews I have read it seemed to be a product worthy of my attention and was prepared to get one to try out. Strangely enough, just a few days after researching these monitors I was contacted by HANNS-G about reviewing some of their product and was thinking this was heaven sent. I was offered the HDMI model, but I was really more interested in the DVI version since not only was I not needing any monitors that hook directly to HDMI, but the fact that not very many motherboards or video cards support HDMI also. Not only that even I don't have access to an HDMI KVM switch yet and we hook four test stations up to one monitor through our DVI-KVM. HANNS-G only uses A-grade panels in their monitor line to insure quality control, optimal clarity and performance; they also have an excellent warranty program.

HANNS-G HW223D 22'' LCD Monitor Review

The 22" LCD as become the new 17" as far as sales prices are concerned, a high-end model still costs around $400.00 the same price as a top of the line 17" was selling for in the 2004-2005 era. This model is actually slowly being phased out by HANNS-G to make way for their new HDMI version, which uses a dongle to go from an HDMI to a DVI connection. This model has not been overly welcomed and users have claimed that the transfer from the HDMI to the DVI causes a loss in monitor clarity. This is not hard to believe as the HDMI connection is made for 1080p viewing and not in the standard signal format that a monitor normally uses. Therefore text would be a bit on the blurred side and web viewing out of its normal viewing aspect. The model being reviewed here today the HANNS-G HW2223D 22'' LCD Monitor, has the DVI and Analog connections and was the one model I saw that had the best specs and reviews in this class and price range. HANNS-G is a partner of HANNspree and the companies seem to share a common parent company, but that each branch is focusing on different angles in the LCD panel business. Let's now see what this monitor is all about and if it is worth your money and does not strain your eyes.