Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard Review :: Conclusion

07-15-2007 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Evan Oliver

The Logitech G11 is an overall outstanding keyboard that is very feature rich. That said, I am not sure if I would have named it a Gaming keyboard exactly. It's almost what I would consider a full gaming keyboard. While the Windows Key switch and the amazing G keys and that it's backlit with a cool blue light most definitely help the gaming cause, as I said earlier, you still have to deal with WASD in their regular, not so gaming friendly setup. Now if the G11 also had a setup like the Wolf Claw or similar, AND the G keys, then we'd have something! For those of you who are not so much into gaming but do use macros as part of your regular computing needs, then you will adore this keyboard!

Other manufacturers are going to be hard pressed to outdo the G keys feature on this board. The extra USB ports and Media keys are a very nice touch as well, but the fact that I had to find a fix for the software to read and use the Media keys properly was a huge negative in my book, especially considering how long this model has been out. The keys themselves are very friendly and forgiving to clumsy fingers and have a nice even response to them without any of the clacking noise that plagues most keyboards. In the final analysis, I would recommend the G11 to those who like a keyboard that is backlit, has a ton of extra keys that can be assigned to do most anything and have about $60 (current street price) to shell out for it. I am going to give it a Motherboards.org Recommendation, but with the caveat that you should go find this at your local PC retailer and give it a test drive in store. If you like it, then there you have it. If not, well...

Till next time, this is Tolemac switching OFF review mode.