V7 D22W12 22 Inch Widescreen Monitor Review :: Introduction

06-26-2007 · Category: Hardware - Monitors - LCDs

By Doc Overclock

My life revolves around staring into a PC monitor screen for hours on end everyday, due to the nature of my job and my addictive gaming habits. For me the monitor is one area that I never skimp on and I usually upgrade monitors faster than any other piece of equipment, as let's face it the old Doc's eyesight isn't what it used to be. Nowadays I need clear test and sharp colors to alleviate eye strain. In this venture I am always in search of the next best monitor and buy more than I usually need in my fanaticism with finding ones that I can use in my office environment on a daily basis.

The V7 group is an interesting project, one that relies on better strategic partners, well planned distribution and quality parts in their quest for being the new name branding king. What does this mean? Well for starters the V7 group is owned by Ingram Micro, one of the biggest distribution sources for PC parts for the last 25 years. Ingram Micro is the company many companies go to buy their inventory for fluid part sales and bulk pricing. This is a big company, one that has proven themselves as a stable player in the PC game and has more distribution centers worldwide than any other player to date. The end user may not be familiar with this name, but the purchaser of their favorite PC store will be.

This is a company project that focuses on bringing to the mass distribution channel name branded parts under the V7 moniker at a very fair market price. Monitors, Navigation devices and LCD televisions are just a few of the items currently available in their product lineup, and they have plans to expand this in the near future. The V7 group uses various panels from only a few select manufactures to incorporate into their monitor products, and always use "A" or better grade panels to insure quality control and reliability. Today we take a look at their 22" entry into the market the D22W12-N6, a product which comes with a very reasonable price tag.