XFX GeForce 8600GTS XXX Video Card Review :: Conclusion

04-17-2007 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

XFX and NVIDA have once again teamed up to bring us another outstanding product in the form of the 8600GTS as it has the right balance of performance versus price ratio. Overclocking seems to be very good as well as the card comes overclocked right out of the box, which is something that will set well with the gamers' community. Although I feel a little voltage mod and better aftermarket cooling would bring the results up even higher. I think that many people will be satisfied with this card as it offers them many features and performance ratios appealing to a broad audience of users, and at a price hovering in the $200.00 range. This is a very affordable price range, one that makes it a more acquirable product, and therefore an item that will be on the radar of many PC gamers on a budget.

Direct-X 10 is right around the corner and the 80 series chipset based cards, everything from the 8800GTX to the 8600GT, are all fully compatible with Microsoft's latest graphic API, the highly anticipated DX10. The difference in the graphic experience for the PC user is very dynamic from the NDA pictures we have seen, definitely worth upgrading if you care about the visual aspect of your game. DX9 looks good, but soon it will become a technological dinosaur as the vast amount of DX10 titles hit the shelves just a few months down the road. I had no technical issues with the card working either in the Windows XP or Vista OS environment. NVIDIA has told me personally that they are very ready to write new and better drivers in Vista in readiness of DX10, and are getting very comfortable working in the Vista program environment.

XFX as always offers their double lifetime warranty, which allows the card to maintain its warranty status through a transfer to one additional person. This is a cool thing if you buy the card from a buddy or someone on eBay who has previously registered the card with XFX. In the end game my opinion of the new 8600GTS is a very good one. Why? Well games all seem to play well, even at the 1680X1050 resolution my monitor defaults at, albeit if you try to run games at this rez with all the settings at max there is some staggering on a few of the latest FPS titles like Stalker, Sin and Prey. This is especially true in Vista where some titles just seem to run slower. RPG/RTS games like C&C 3 Tiberium Wars and Jade Empire ran absolutely great at any resolution on both XP/Vista, although Supreme Commander seemed to have issues while loading in Vista and ran a bit sluggish for my taste. In all fairness, the 8800GTS and GTX had the same issues so this has to be a programming issue, not a native problem of this card. I give this card an Editor's Choice Award; it excels for its price and even comes with a free copy of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter to get your game on. XFX and NVIDIA come out smelling like a rose on this one folks, so until next time I bid you adieu.