XFX GeForce 8600GTS XXX Video Card Review :: Introduction

04-17-2007 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

XFX has a long history and one that was rooted with the now almost unheard of Pine Group. From those meager beginnings they have grown to be a power player in the NVIDIA chipset based products sphere, and are now one of the largest NVIDIA partners in the world. Only EVGA offers any real competition to these folks as BFG has once again gone the way of its predecessors, thus reorganization and then closed doors. XFX has made a name for themselves with the gaming crowd and their name goes hand in hand with PC gaming and they now even have deals with Mr. Gamer himself Jonathan (Fatality) Wendel and cards made with his endorsement and models series.

NVIDIA has been Direct-X 10 ready since the debut of their 8800 series of VGA card and as ATI stumbles somewhere in the dark since their buyout by AMD; NVIDIA is showing signs of seriously taking over market share in the gaming community in this wake. Supposedly the R690 is right around the corner, but will that just show ATI playing catch-up, or will they actually make a product that will compete at a better level than NVIDIA's 8000 lineup? Only time will tell, but my guess it will be a catch-up affair at best as it has taken so long to see the light. NVIDIA has many VGA releases coming this year with each one more advanced than the last and now that they have entered the motherboard chipset market they are starting to dominate that market as well.

In the old days Intel was the giant that ruled the playing field and no one could touch them or their hold on the chipset market. This is changing in a very rapid fashion and as XFX adds motherboards to their product lineup along with other NVIDIA partners that status only gains momentum and strength. XFX actually just released two new boards based of the new NVIDIA 680i chipset, one for the mainstream buyer the 680i LT SLI and the 680i SLI for the enthusiasts market. Both boards in my book are in the enthusiasts target range with slightly different feature options and memory support being the major differences between them.

Today however we take a look at what NVIDIA is doing in the battle to keep mainstream VGA users with a happy gamers face when they want to play the latest Direct-X 10 titles. Since the 8800 series is hovering in the price ranges of $329.00 to $599.00, NVIDIA has now released a new series of cards with most of the power, and less of the price. The new 8600 series from NVIDIA is for those who don't have the budget for the high-end 8800 jobbers, so taking in mind that situation, NVIDIA now offers the 8600GTS as the top 8600 and the 8600GT as the really mainstream product. The 8600GTS is the best offering in this new series of cards, so we took it for a round of tests here in our labs. I think for the price range you will be very happy with our results. Read on as we show you why NVIDIA has made a good move for the masses with this new release.