abit AirPace Wi-Fi Expansion Card Review :: Introduction

03-20-2007 · Category: Hardware - Misc

By Benjamin Sun

Wireless devices have become the norm for the high end computer enthusiast, especially when it comes to Wireless Networking. Restaurants, libraries, and other public places all have wireless access points where anyone with a laptop can connect to the Internet if they have a Wireless Network card. The spread of Wireless Networks to the home has also been success; with virtually every friend I know having one in their house now.

abit is a Taiwanese manufacturer of motherboards, video cards and other computer devices. One of their products lines that they have recently entered into has been accessories for the computer. PCI Express has taken over from the standard PCI slot for device expansion. Today I'm reviewing the AirPace Wi-Fi PCI Express card from abit, one of the first products of its kind I might add.