ASUS EAX1950 Crossfire Edition Video Card Review :: Introduction

02-28-2007 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

With the release of Microsoft Vista along with DirectX 10 last month, the PC industry is in a bit of flux as to the video card chipsets. NVIDIA has launched their DirectX 10 video chip, the 8800, but their Vista drivers aren't yet up to par. Intel is marketing their GMA9000 as Vista Premium capable, but it doesn't support the advanced features of the new Shader Model. AMD (ATI) has their R600 chip under wraps for another month or two at the least due to marketing reasons. So where does that leave the gamer wanting a video card today?

Today's video card market is signified by NVIDIA holding the high-end of the market with unquestioned superiority with their 8800GTX. At the moment, the market is clearly delineated into the 8800 series and the rest. With pricing on the 8800GTS 320MB that was launched recently at $299, the high-end of the video card market is $599 for the 8800GTX, 499 for the 8800GTS 640MB and 299 for the 8800GTS 320MB.

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Having said all of that, there is still a market for video cards in the $299-399 category of price point from the old (Shader Model 3) generation. After all, there are 0 and I mean 0 DirectX 10 games on the market today, with games like Hellgate: London and Crysis delayed till later this year, and DirectX 10 specific games like Halo 2 already available on the Xbox 360 game console. Today's video card on the test platform is the ASUS EAX1950 Crossfire Edition card paired with a X1900XTX card in Crossfire mode.