Swiftech Quiet Power P180 Case Review :: Introduction

01-29-2007 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

Although liquid cooling is usually associated with overclocking, it also has its uses in the silent PC market as well allowing a virtually noise free PC to be built. Swiftech themselves have built their reputation on high-performance liquid cooling systems enthusiastically embraced by the overclocking crowd. They deserve the credit they get and for good reason, their products work and work efficiently in what they are supposed to do. Building a better waterblock has been the theme song for this company for many years now and this goal has enabled them to reduce temperatures on most systems by up to 1.5 degrees lower than the competitions best competing product. This has earned them a place in many overclockers heart and is the choice product of most serious liquid cooling aficionado's myself among them.

Swiftech Quiet Power P180 Case Review

The Antec/Swiftech hybrid is a case made for the silent PC market and not intended for extreme overclocking. Don't get me wrong my friends the system can still achieve decent overclocking, it's just not designed to cool massively hot over-voltage, overclocked CPUs. That said and out of the way the case does have many fine points that make it one of my favorite cases around. The Antec case in and itself is a fine product worthy of an enthusiast's attention even without Swiftech's added magic touches, and with the liquid cooling kit installed it just up's the ante a wee bit more. This was a fun project to be involved in as it was amazing just how quiet a PC can actually run if built right. Follow along as we dissect and then build an awesome Intel Core Duo system that has to seen not heard. Sound interesting? Check this one out, silence is golden!