NXZT Lexa case Review :: Introduction

01-15-2007 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Benjamin Sun

Cases come and go and contain the components of the computer. One of the primary things about modern cases is the move away from the beige enclosures of the past and towards the custom look that modders have been using for years. Cases determine how many hard disk drives, Optical Drives and the type of motherboard that can be used. With the advent of the 8800GTX cards from NVIDIA, the clearance in a case also is important as the new cards are so long that some cases will have difficulty installing or using the new video card. Today, the case on the review schedule is the NZXT Lexa case that we use for our video card reviews.

NZXT says that they are built on "gamer's dreams" and was founded in 2004. They offer a wide variety of cases made out of aluminum and steel, including the Adamas, and the Lexa I'm reviewing here. They also have the Duet Steel case, and the Trinity Steel case in their Classic series (shapes of the case pre-defined). They also offer a Crafted series of cases including the APOLLO, GUARDIAN, NEMESIS and ZERO lines. The Lexa is a Mid-Tower, meaning you can fit it on the floor next to or under a desk. Full Tower cases are cool but most people use Mid-Tower cases. NZXT uses an all-Aluminum Chassis, meaning the case weighs only 5 Kg without the other components installed.