XFX GeForce 8800 GTX Video Card Review :: Conclusion

11-08-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

XFX GeForce 8800 GTX Video Card Review

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than ATI's most loaded, able to render millions of Pixels in a single bound, it's going to burn the comp, that's the plan and it's NVIDIA, yet once again. The GeForce 8800 series signals another turn in the evolution of the video card and one that arrives just a bit earlier than Microsoft's Direct-X 10 debut in Vista later next year. The cards looks great now in DX9, but wait until all its features can be fully expressed in Vista's DX10 environment. The way Microsoft keeps dallying and delaying though, NVIDIA may just have another card launch before Vistas actual arrival on deck and its availability to users is complete. 8900 Anyone?

Gamers who want the best want the GeForce 8800GTX hands down as it offers the best performance, features and supported gaming titles than anything on planet Earth. ATI is nowhere to be seen and as the dust settles around the test lab there is only one card that dominates the show, the XFX 8800GTX. Games not only look superior, but they can be played at amazing resolutions with all the bells and whistles enabled without losing an ounce of performance. For now NVIDIA has caught up with current game technology and exceeded its needs. SLI mode has yet to be tested, but for now a single 8800GTX is faster than Dual-SLI enabled 7950GX2 cards, or Quad-SLI.

NVIDIA will have no challenger at the sales counter this Christmas season, as ATI is nowhere in site and NVIDIA is the undisputed king of the ring this round. For us though, NVIDIA's victory means whole new batch of testing is around the corner as the SLI tests are next and if we thought the single card solution was fast, just wait. An SLI configured 8800GTX setup will probably be so fast its never going to be fully taken advantage of in today's gaming environment. It's a bit akin to putting a racing engine in a street car as the power will be over the top and overkill for just about anything. Maybe this event will help push the envelope on future games and allow developers a more flexible way to fine tune and program games that will not only work now in DX9, but also take advantage of Shader Model 4 when it is released. After about six thousand words did I miss anything important? As I feel that about sums it up on this launch and its time to move on. Tomorrow also signals the release of the new i680 motherboards and we have a review of that later on tomorrow night from XFX arch-rival EVGA. For this moment though, the 8800 series hath arrived my stalwart chums and it brings to the table more raw power and performance than any previous product launch I can remember.