XFX GeForce 8800 GTX Video Card Review :: Introduction

11-08-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

In the battlefield known as the VGA arena, players have come and gone in a blink of the eye, and now there are only two major players left. Or are there? NVIDIA seems to be playing on a field devoid of any other team as the latest series of VGA cards from these folks has no equal to field a team with. ATI has a future that is really unknown at the moment, and if current events and changes in new owner AMD's policies reflect their future it may be a new animal entirely when it reemerges from the merger. NVIDIA however is kicking ass and coming at the VGA solution from a few new angles previously unseen in the industry.

This will be a launch to remember and shows NVIDIA taking the serious first pole position in this race in two arenas at one time. The thing is this VGA game is not enough of the action for this go-getter company. Intel, VIA and the rest of you chip slingers better watch yourselves, as NVIDIA now wants your sales in the motherboard market as well. The thing is though folks, they will probably get it too as their chipsets are growing in popularity, and now that they are no longer primarily focused on AMD, the Intel market is wide open for them to take a chunk of. This probably smarts over at AMD, as traditionally NVIDAI is an AMD partner. Hey turnaround is fair play in the schoolyard and AMD's acquisition of ATI is a surefire way of the alienation of NVIDIA.

How long, and if NVIDIA will keep supporting AMD will have to be seen, but if they pull the rug from under AMD that will surely spell some serious problems for the folks in Texas. Maybe AMD should have been bought by NVIDIA that would have made more sense and been a merger more able to swallow. Never forget who helped you make money is what I say and remember who butters your bread. Oh well enough of that. Just in time for your Christmas dollars though. NVIDIA has made more goodies for the techno Santa to deliver this holiday season. Today we see the release of two new candidates for your money, the new 8800 series VGA cards, and the new 680i series motherboards with support for the new Quad-Core CPUs from Intel. Both have very strong features and offer much better performance than previous generation products.

XFX is a world leader in NVIDIA VGA sales and has been a premiere partner of theirs for many years now. XFX always has a few badass cards in their lineup and with the release of the new 8800 series they are right on time to market with the latest GTX and GTS cards. No paper launches in this industry folks. There are only two major independent NVIDIA slingers left as although Asus, Gigabyte and all the others may make cards, their business model allows a vast selection and cross partnering of products outside the NVIDAI umbrella. Only XFX and EVGA stand strong as sole NVIDAI partners here in the states, BFG has seemed to slowly slip off the map, off many sales counters and off the radar of enthusiast's minds. XFX has so far stuck to their guns and has brought mainly VGA products to the table as their major product push, but rumor has it they may get into the motherboard game as well since NVIDIA seems to be heading more in that direction as well. Today though we take a look at the creme de la creme of their product line the new 8800GTX, and see if it really is all it's rumored to be. Follow along as we test, dissect and play a crap load of video games on this new card, its pretty cool actually, check it out!