Intel QX6700 Extreme Quad Core CPU Review :: Introduction

11-01-2006 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

This time around in the war of CPUs we find the war already won by Intel, as AMD sadly has not entered the arena. Intel has finally once again pulled ahead of AMD and since the release of the Core2 Duo CPUs started to pull ahead at the sales counter. Now it seems gamers and enthusiasts alike are flocking back to the Intel banner. Intel's new code named Kentsfield line OF CPUs takes CPU technology up another notch and makes Core 2 Extreme their premiere line. For those with the money or the hunger to have the latest and best tech around Intel will now have your meal of choice for the near foreseeable future at least. Is anyone hungry?

Intel QX6700 Extreme Quad Core CPU Review

It's simply amazing how far CPU technology has come in the last decade, everything from faster cores to better built in controllers, to shrinking die sizes has kept the PC industry fueled and continuing to move forward. Technology is really the main industry that has constant changing faces as businesses come and go, and also makes vast amounts of money when the products hits their target right. Timing and market awareness are key elements on how well a product gets recognized and embraced by the masses. A problem seen in the past by way of paper launches, or products spoken of and not available has seemed to go away the last few Intel launches. Products have been available on the day of launch or very soon thereafter.

Intel QX6700 Extreme Quad Core CPU Review

Intel has had a few blunders, but they really are marketing geniuses in many areas and no I don't mean those strange blue guys either. Just take a look at how well the masses has embraced Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme with just a few face lifts and changes will take off like a rocket and help Intel's sales this coming fourth quarter. AMD has not even gotten their next generation technology ready for launch; the strange thing is I have heard they are cutting back on marketing and eliminating many of their previous media and review program partners. How this will help them I do not know, traditionally the scenario goes like this, first marketing cutbacks, then reorganization, that usually signals a warning that a company is in serious financial trouble, then downfall. Maybe buying ATI was not such a good move after all, especially if that means cutting back on your bread and butter market. Intel has the spotlight this holiday season and already people are anticipating what their next-generation CPUs will do for their systems. We just got the new QX6700 Extreme a few weeks back, and now have the results of what we have found so far this round. This should prove to be an interesting trip through the world of Quad Core, let's go venture forth.