Gigabyte Poseidon Case Review :: Conclusion

10-28-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

Gigabyte Poseidon Case Review

The Poseidon has a lot to offer for its price range of around $99.00 US. Most serious users want a very high powered PSU in order to run the latest VGA cards in their system, so leaving one out cuts down on costs. When you are going out in search of a case for your system, it usually goes one way or the other, a high-end jobber with all the bells and whistles, or just a simple throw it all in one to get the job done. Cases usually differ in size from the small SFF units to the mid tower and finally the giant sized full tower, or server case. The Poseidon is a mid tower case that is 17.5 inches tall and aimed at the mainstream or enthusiast user who needs function and style.

Overall the case has good looks, and an ergonomic design that combined with its predisposed nature to use a liquid cooling kit, makes it ideal for the enthusiast's user who wants to use the best cooling available. There is enough room inside to accommodate a single slot VGA solution, but SLI or CorssFire solutions may prove to be a bit of a tight squeeze and may seriously reduce the amount of air flow needed to keep the system running within normal heat parameters.

For single card gaming systems though, this case has more than ample room to build in and room to breath. Gigabyte doesn't really push this product, so availability may be a bit harder to find, especially in most walk-in shops. Luckily for us all, the web has opened a whole new channel of buying power and like almost anything nowadays the Poseidon can be found online at many e-tailors around the globe. I liked the case so well I used it to build my new system in, as the system built in this review became my new workstation and so far so good. Gigabyte once again makes a product worthy of notice taking, it has what it takes to make the grade and looks good while it does so. What's not to like about the Poseidon? Really nothing worth talking about, good job Gigabyte: nice case!