Gigabyte Poseidon Case Review :: Introduction

10-28-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

Gigabyte is know for many products, but cases and enclosures is still a very side market for this industry giant who is known for their excellent motherboards and VGA cards. Motherboards and VGA cards, if you do not know, are the cream of Gigabyte's product line. Over the last five years we have taken a look at many a Gigabyte product, and surprisingly enough, about 95% of those products were top-shelf and highly recommendable items. We have seen an even steeper decline in PC companies in the last few quarters, but Gigabyte is still standing strong and has even grown a bit where others have failed in a staggering market. Partnering up with ring king Asus is just another bold move for this company and should bode well for them.

Gigabyte Poseidon Case Review

I have used a few of the cases that these folk manufacture and I have not been disappointed yet. Earlier this year we took a look at the 3D Galaxy water cooling unit along with their really nice Aurora case and we were very impressed with the final results and just plain good looks of the entire setup. The Poseidon is a bit smaller than its bigger counterpart the Aurora, but offers many of the same features and ergonomics in its package. We tore the thing apart and then put it back together again in an attempt to get a really solid feel as to what the case not only felt like, but how well it was constructed overall. Follow along and see what Gigabyte's Poseidon holds for you the user, I think most people will like what they see. Read along and see what you think.