ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Review :: Bundle and Catalyst Media Center

10-04-2006 · Category: Hardware -

By Benjamin Sun
  • TV Wonder 650 card
  • Driver CD
  • FM Radio antenna
  • Gift Box
  • Manual
  • Audio/Video Input Block

ATI chose to offer an attractive Gift Box with their TV Wonder 650. The front of the box contains the title of the card: TV WONDER 650 with the phrase High Definition PVR for your PC. Also on the front is a short list of the main features of the TV WONDER 650, a sticker with Customer support and the free remote offer. The rear of the box contains detailed descriptions of the main features of the TV card and pictures showing what each feature does.

ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Review Dongle


ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Review Driver CD

Driver CD

ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Review User guide and manuals

User guide and manuals

ATI chose to include virtually everything you need to get started to watch TV on your computer off the bat. The only thing missing is an antenna to watch OTA HDTV broadcasts. Most people have some form of cable television, and with that the need for an antenna is alleviated. If you need an antenna, make sure it's an amplified antenna, to get the best possible signal I would suggest one with a 45Dba reception or better.

ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Review Radio Antenna

Radio Antenna

The FM Radio Antenna is attached to your FM/DTV connector on the tuner. To use the FM Radio, simply use the CMC to access the radio stations. It is similar in many respects to the antenna that was included in the All In Wonder 9600 card a few years back. The inclusion is excellent, as you can listen to radio stations while you're looking at the Internet, working or other activities.

ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Review Catalyst Media Center

Catalyst Media Center

ATI has used a utility called Multi Media Center with their video cards for years. A couple of years ago ATI introduced the Catalyst Control Center for their video cards. Today they are releasing the Catalyst Media Center for their TV Wonder 650 and 200 cards. The key features of the CMC include Easy DVD Authoring, DVD Decode, AVIVO Video Converter.