ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Review :: TV Wonder 650 Features

10-04-2006 · Category: Hardware -

By Benjamin Sun
  • ATSC-Free-to-Air HDTV
  • Cable TV Theater 650 hardware support (3d Comb Filter, Automatic Gain Control, Automatic Color Control, Edge Enhancement)
  • FM Radio
  • Analog Video Input (watch or capture)
  • Theater 650 hardware support (noise reduction)
  • Software Features
  • Catalyst Media Center
  • New interface
  • Personal Video Recorder
  • EPG
  • DVD authoring software
  • DVD playback
  • AVIVO Video Converter
  • Custom Formats
  • MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, OR WMV9, H.264
  • Capture OR convert in that format
  • Fit your portable player (Ipod Video, Sony PSP)
  • 125-channel TV Tuner
  • FM Tuner

ATI's TV Wonder 650 has a Triple-Function Tuner. With the TV Wonder 650 you can tune from analog TV source, "free-to-air" HDTV and FM radio stations. The analog TV source can either be from an amplified antenna, or from the coaxial cable running from your existing home signal. To use the FM radio simply attaches to the included FM Radio antenna to listen to FM stations. The FM connection is also where you would attach the amplified antenna for HDTV.

The TV Wonder 650 is a High Definition Personal Video Recorder. Television tuners from ATI have had the ability to do recording of video content from the television signal they produce for years. The introduction of the HDTV Wonder a couple of years ago brought High Definition television to the computer and the capability of recording the HD shows as well. A key component of the PVR is the HDD to save programs to. That's one advantage a PC card has over a DVR or TiVO, the storage space is only limited by the number of SATA connectors and the amount of drive space the owner of the card devotes to it.

The Theater 650 chip that drives the TV Wonder 650's TV tuning capabilities is a 4th generation digital demodulator. There are key features available on the Theater 650 including a Motion Adap tive 3D Comb Filter, Hardware Motion Compensated Noise Reduction, Edge Enhancement, Automatic Gain Control and Automatic Color Control. All of these features are done in hardware on the TV Wonder 650, alleviating CPU workload that other tuners without hardware support would require.