Spire Verticool II SP601B3 Heatsink Review :: Introduction

09-19-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

In the last article, I discussed the often practical nature of Spire, producing coolers intended for integrators, and users with a thirst for thrift, though without the will to sacrifice performance in return. Yet, what else is there to a company, besides its conservative side? After all, a product lineup isn't much, and a catalogue doesn't get lookers if on occasion, a company doesn't produce something insane - to either a full degree, or to their own stylings. In that mindset, I've got a higher end cooler from Spire to review today. With stylish blue anodized aluminum wrapping around the wink, and a clear blue fan holding open the gap with but a slight growl, this dual platform sink really has the potential to turn some heads in the entryways of the performance niche. The question then is, can Spire shake the image of the "play it safe, keep it cool and keep it under a fixed amount", and flex their muscle in designing beastly heatsinks? Well then, we're about to find out.