Spire SP512S7 CPU Heatsink Review :: Conclusion

09-17-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

Though the performance was somewhat lackluster (just barely beating out the stock cooler), the low cost, and nearly no noise operation of this heat sink make it stand out from the other reference-replacements. Enthusiasts shouldn't be expecting the world from such a small heat sink, but at the same token, there's no chance of breaking the bank, bending the board, or even botching this installation. So in the end, this sink is an excellent choice for the entry level user waiting for a solution to shut up the constant fan whine from your stock heat sink.

Now at this point, you have to ask yourself: Is this small of an increase in performance worth the money? If you were to buy this to replace your current cooler, and are dead-set against simply dropping the fan's voltage, or replacing the fan, then yes. But to consider a few degrees of difference in the face of potentially killing your warrantee (dependant on whether or not Intel's deciding to be anal about the stock cooling rule), then perhaps it isn't. The one thing that I'm more or less unclear on is the stance on OEM processors; when no heatsink is included, perhaps the ideal is that the chips will not fail, or that the re-seller or integrator will deal with the problem. But I digress, no one person can write the world about a product. The end user will always be the one making the choices, will always be the one to get what product is right for their system. This little cooler will be right for some, and pointless for others - do what you need to.