Spire SP512S7 CPU Heatsink Review :: Spire SP512S7 Features

09-17-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

If there's one disappointment I'll always have to spire, it's the mundane, bordering on lackluster packaging of the item. While I understand that these goods are probably intended to be used by the system integrators, it would still be nice to get some flash and pizzazz with the sinks - maybe even some writings on the box about the size, weight, noise levels, and processor support. Alas, none of that was found here. Between heatsinks, the only difference in packaging is the change in stickers on a small white area. Apart from that, cracking open this bland cardboard carton just reveals your sink of choice, secured and protected by only a thin layer of cardboard, nice.

Spire SP512S7 CPU Heatsink Review Model Number

Model Number

Now, in relation to the design of the unit, it is essentially a clone of Intel's early radial sinks - deviating from a round core and fins, and featuring four square blocks of fins protruding from a copper core. Into this block of potentially extruded goodness, the four mounting screws and their respective springs are set, flanked closely by the armless fan, secured via screws protruding through its support arms. On the roughly milled base of the cooler, a small circle of thermal grease holds down the fort, while the relationship and bond of copper to aluminum is unfortunately dubious.

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Spire SP512S7 CPU Heatsink Review Radial Fins

Radial Fins

In reality, this tiny sink, with its bent fins, sleeved fan, and light weight seem and feel to be intended for the light end user - that if clocks were to ramp up, and voltages with them, the only thing that would increase is your poor processor's silent screams of overheating suffering. Now, unless the tests can show the records wrong, we're looking at a small sink that'll leave singed fingers, though at its price point, justifiably so. On the plus side of things, though, there is a small printed manual included within the box, for those users who don't follow the correlation of screws into a backplane that won't stay put by it's own volition. Let's take a look at the mounting system, then fire it up for some performance data.