Spire SP512S7 CPU Heatsink Review :: Introduction

09-17-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

In the past couple of years, every enthusiast has gone through their own search for the parts to their ideal system. Now, for many different users, there are thousands of solutions, and for those who have a habit of snapping up cheaper, white box products, there's always a need for something to complete that product. In this case, today's cooler is more or less the replacement for your reference Intel cooler; and in the tradition of affordability and acceptable performance, we find spire's SP512S7. Considering that other radial sinks from the company have been able to hold down the flames and keep the noise to a minimum in past, I have no doubts that the sink on trial today will be more than capable - in typical spire tradition - of keeping the entry level user's system cool, and their ears just as happy as their wallets. To the point, though - let's crack the carton and sneak a glance at the cooler.