XFX GF 7950 GT 570M 512MB Video Card Review :: XFX GF 7950 GT 570M 512MB Overclocking

09-14-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

The 7950GT did not overclock as much as the 7900GS card I reviewed last week. An overclock of 19MHz on a 570MHz core is less than 3%. It is pretty clear when looking at the performance of the 7950GT when overclocked, the performance is around 3-5% within the theoretical range of the overclocked frequencies. The memory clock is 47MHz higher than default, a 5% overclock. As you can see from the charts the performance of the 7950GT is excellent, but not the same magnitude jump as the 7900GS got.

XFX GF 7950 GT 570M 512MB Video Card Review Standard clock

Standard clock

XFX GF 7950 GT 570M 512MB Video Card Review Overclocked


XFX GF 7950 GT 570M 512MB Video Card Review Temperature


The 7950G T operates warm, with 63 being the normal temperature. This is one of the problems with using a fan-less graphics card. However, the card was completely stable under load, playing games, running 3DMark06 loops every day use and more. I'm sure that with a fan cooling the GPU the overclock could have been higher. However you get excellent performance with the card at its default frequencies.

When overclocked, the card is over 10-20% faster in the four benchmarks I chose: 3DMark06, 3DMark05, Oblivion and FEAR. I chose Oblivion because its one of the more beautiful games available today. I chose Quake4 because it is one the better metrics of OpenGL performance available at the moment. The 3DMark scores should be very close to the theoretical maximum correlation to the unoverclocked scores scene on the previous performance pages.


Quake 4

3DMark 06

3DMark 05