XFX GF 7950 GT 570M 512MB Video Card Review :: Introduction

09-14-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

NVIDIA has been on a roll lately. They reported record revenue and earnings last quarter, marred by a voluntary look into their accounting practices. Today they have over 3000 employees, have branched out into various graphics related markets and are the number one independent graphics chip supplier in the world (ATI having just announced a merger with AMD). NVIDIA designs and markets graphics chips, motherboard chipsets and more.

XFX GF 7950 GT 570M 512MB Video Card Review Back of Box

Back of Box

The release of the 7900GS last week was to a lot of acclaim. 7900 series features, great performance, good overclocking for under $200? The 7900GS delivered those in spades. NVIDIA seems to have a winner in their hands with the 7900GS card. At the time the 7900GS was launched the 7950GT was also announced, for the $299 price range. Today I'm reviewing the XFX 7950GT XT card their flagship for that price range.