XFX GeForce 7900GS PV-T71P-UDE3 Video Card Review :: Conclusion

09-07-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

With the announcement of the 7950GT and the 7900GS, NVIDIA looks to bring the 79xx series into the upper mid-range of the market with price points of $199 for the 7900GS. At this price point, you get all of the performance and features of the 7800GT on the 90 nanometer process. ATI has lowered their x1900xt in price to compete with the 7950GT, but without a 7950GT it's hard to compare.

XFX and NVIDIA have done a great job with the 7900GS. Performance was higher than the last generation 7800GT, which has similar characteristics but was a $399 video card at launch. The 7900GS brings the DirectX 9.0 features of the 7xxx series, the performance of the 7800GT from last year for a price that is under $200. ATI doesn't have anything in their lineup in this price range at the moment and the 7900GS looks like a definite winner in the 3D gaming arena. The XFX 7900GS card was able to overclock over 20%, which is a huge increase in card using stock cooling.

The next major inflection point for video cards is the release of the Microsoft Vista Operating System early next year. DirectX 9.0 has been around over 2 years and will be replaced by Direct3D 10 in Vista. To take full advantage of the features of Vista, including Shader Model 4.0 you'll have to wait for the next generation. The 7900 series has been an unqualified success for NVIDIA, as their revenue has never been higher and they have branched into other markets besides video cards. XFX continues to deliver high-end quality VGA cards to the market and the 7900GS is a solid Editors Choice due to its performance and price point. Good Job XFX!