Cooler Master Musketeer III Tube Amplifier Review :: Introduction

08-14-2006 · Category: Hardware -

By Tulatin

With Cooler Master introduced so many times over these last weeks, I'd wager it's better to introduce the product at hand. That being said, the Musketeer III is a CD Bay Based vacuum tube amplifier, aimed at giving users an inexpensive boost to the audio fidelity of their system. This boost is intended to come through the "warming" of the sound, through the use of a single vacuum tube. Now, while vacuum tubes may have been an integral part of audio (and computing, to a point) in the past century, their simple styling has since been replaced by the world of chips and diodes; a purely digital landscape that may deliver crystal clear music exactly the way it was created, but at the cost of losing its humanity. While I may be no audiophile, I actually do have to agree with this notion, as the vacuum tube based hardware I've used in the past was producing quite a bit more of a melodic sound. Is it all in the head? Perhaps, but what does that matter when it makes it sound better. To the point, though - there is the potential for this unit to succeed, and there's also the potential for it to fail. Let's take a look at the overall build of it, and then what it can do for your starving ears.