Mushkin Enhanced XP650 Power Supply Review :: Introduction

08-08-2006 · Category: Hardware - Power Supplies

By Tulatin

It's been years now, since companies such as Mushkin took to the scene. Making their stomping ground amongst the boutique vendors and the enthusiasts, these companies built a strong reputation on years of quality product releases. Yet, as time goes on, it doesn't seem to take much for companies to expand - after all Corsair makes cooling, Gigabyte makes cases and OCZ makes phase change cooling - so it doesn't seem to be such a crazy world when Mushkin decides to take steps into the enthusiast marketplace with their own flavor of power supply. Unfortunately, when a company is set to turn chips into modules, they don't really have the facilities inside to make these units themselves, so what we'll be seeing today is a certain barebones PSU with Mushkin's touch added to it. Will it turn out for the best, or for the worst? Read on to find out.