Mushkin XP2-6400 Memory Review :: Introduction

07-28-2006 · Category: Hardware - Memory

By Tulatin

By this point, if you guys don't know about Mushkin, I'd wager you're beyond help. With ads across the performance computing realm, a legacy of Enhanced memory leading back to the SD-RAM days, and such past reviews as the XP2-5300 kit (and future ones, like the XP-650 PSU), there isn't too much to say. From my experience, Mushkin is a company with a well deserved reputation - the memory is always fast, it always works, and it falls in line so nicely with the rest of the market, that it's hard not to see it stand out and shine. Of course, then, I would be excited when another set of Mushkin memory passed through my doors, especially when it did some very, very impressive things. Hankering to see what I'm talking about? Head on down to the overclocking section, then. Otherwise? Just read on for the full picture.