Intel Core 2 Extreme / Core Duo Processor Review :: Introduction

07-18-2006 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

Intel has taken a lot of heat over the last couple of years as AMD has taken over a vast amount of their desktop market, a place they could not be touched in previous times, and this has hurt Intel more than they will ever admit. AMD actually beat them at their own game, changed the way they name and design CPUs, and released their FX brand, which out performed the Intel solution almost across the board. The AMD FX62 was the fastest Dual-Core CPU on the market until this release and it makes me proud of AMD for finally getting their act together as a major force in the Industry.

Intel Core 2 Extreme / Core Duo Processor Review

Intel on the other hand has soured me with a few CPUs that ran so hot that nothing short of a liquid cooling system could keep them from massively overheating and shutting down my PC. This area alone is a strange turn of events as AMD traditionally was the guy who had the hot CPUs, but until Conroe, AMD has had the cooler running CPUs as Intel's high-end Pressler's ran at least 20 Celsius hotter than a comparable FX CPU. This is really the main reason I think Intel has taken such a hit in the desktop retail market. Let's just face it heat is the enemy, and when your CPU is so hot that standard cooling becomes beyond obsolete there is a big problem to the enthusiasts user base. I mean c'mon out of the box temps running at 55-59 C is one hot CPU.

I believe those days are over with the release of the Conroe series as their new CPUs run at a lovely 25 Celsius running under a full load, which is actually lower than a human's body temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit. The new FX62 runs at about 32-35 C using stock cooling, that although not too hot is still hotter than the new breed of Conroe's by a small margin. From what we have seen of Conroe so far, Intel is ready to kick ass and take names again in the CPU arena and offer no apologies. Today we take a look at two of the top end offerings in the new Core 2 and Duo lineup, the X6800 and E6700 CPUs. Gone now are the old-school naming conventions used in previous years as Intel has also abandoned the name game that used core speeds as the CPU name. Today's CPUs get lovely names like the X6800, which sounds like an ATI card, the E6300-6700s, sounding like motherboards, to the 805-945 CPUs that do not generate in my opinion catchy names, but hey I liked my CPUs when they had a simple Intel 3.4GHz EE or 3.8GHz P4 nomenclature. Beyond opinion and rhetoric though Intel has done a great job and I feel that this will be their redemption to their loyal fan base of users. Follow along and see what's under the hood of Intel's new Conroe series, I think you will like what you see.