Corsair Nautilus 500 Water Cooler Review :: Conclusion

07-14-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

In the end, this unit proved two things to me - first, it's always best to trust a good name when it comes to looking for a good product, and second - you get what you pay for. Let me be honest here. This is no super cooler. You will not be breaking world records by pushing your reactor level processor further. This unit is designed to cool off stock processors, videocards, and chipsets. Considering that it began balking heavily at even a 250W load (the Intel side of things), I would really hate to see what 500W of heat would do to it. To the point, though. For $150, you could either outfit the perpetual in your system with good, silent air cooling, or the Nautilus 500, and considering that you'll be running just one fan instead of several, it just makes sense to use something like this when it comes to systems where silence is a golden key. As such, for users looking to get their feet wet (excuse the unfortunate pun), the Nautilus 500 delivers. Perhaps with the addition of an external radiator (Dual 120MM), this system can hold out with the best, but this is something only time (and much addition testing, of course) can tell. So, novices, welcome to the world of watercooling, and overclockers - it's best to apply elsewhere. Congratulations on another incredible product Corsair, and keep up the push to making things faster for the average consumer.