Corsair Nautilus 500 Water Cooler Review :: Introduction

07-14-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

There comes a time where every company has avenues outside of their normal production to explore. While motherboard companies seem to be the most notorious for this, memory companies have also been to blame for slews of name-bearing but not really memory related products over time. Take Corsair, for example - the folks with a unit on review today. A few years back, they got into the watercooling business with the help of Delphi, building a decent (though occasionally noisy) external unit, and then revising it, in the Hydrocool and Hydrocool EX200, respectively. Going a step further, they then released an external kit - the Cool - which was essentially an easy to install Swiftech's kit but in black. Finally, with a return to the hit and miss external watercooling market (it really is, as units never really have the same feverish reception that certain internal ones do) with the Nautilus 500. Claiming the ability to dissipate upward of 500W of heat, and keep even the most demanding systems cool, the compact Nautilus may be just what tons of users out there with noisy systems are searching for. But enough of my prattling, let's get this box open.