nForce5 590/570 SLI Intel Family Preview :: Conclusion

07-10-2006 · Category: Hardware - Chipset

By Benjamin Sun

NVIDIA is one of the top motherboard chipset companies in the world today, dominating the AMD Athlon high-end market at the moment. In a recent Valve survey, 98.8% of multiple GPU users used NVIDIA SLI chipsets, an amazing figure by any stretch of the imagination.

SLI works well for those wanting the absolute best performance in games today, especially when NVIDIA 7950GX2 cards are utilized in SLI ("Quad-SLI) or two 7900GTXs are used in SLI mode. The extra features such as DualNet, FirstPacket, MediaShield make the 590 SLI the choice for high-end gamers today. The 570 SLI chipset is an excellent choice as well. When I go into the review of this chipsets I'll cover them more completely.