EVGA 7900GTX 512MB SLI Video Card Review :: Introduction

07-06-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

The first 3D video card I ever owned was a Diamond Stealth 2000 video card based upon the S3-Virge GX chipset from 1995. That card was so bad that people would call it a 3D decelerator. The S3-Virge was slower in hardware 3D mode than software 3D mode. The company that brought 3D into the limelight was a company called 3DFX.

The 3DFX Voodoo was the first video card to really accelerate computer games in Hardware 3D mode. The second iteration of their chipset, the Voodoo 2 was the first video card in the commercial PC market to be able to combine with a second card in something called SLI (Scan Line Interleave). Unfortunately, 3DFX is no longer with us, leaving in 2000 to bankruptcy.

NVIDIA reintroduced the idea of SLI in a new form called Scalable Link Interface, in late 2004. NVIDIA took over the reins from 3DFX in many respects and purchased most of the remaining assets. Today NVIDIA is the number two manufacturer of add-in video cards in the world and is going strong in that market.

EVGA is a NVIDIA house. By that I mean they manufacture NVIDIA based video cards and motherboards exclusively. I've always enjoyed supporting EVGA because they have the best support in the industry period. Their Step-Up program and, Lifetime Warranty, and Toll-Free telephone number means that EVGA stands by the products they sell, and is unmatched in the video card industry. Today I'm reviewing two EVGA 7900GTX cards in SLI.