Coolermaster Centurion 534 Case Review :: Introduction

07-03-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Tulatin

For those of you who have been working with PCs longer than you'd like to remember (or with those horrid OEM pasts to forget), Cooler Master is a name that needs no introduction. Making waves years ago with their ATC Series of Full Aluminum Chassis, then with their TAC or "Wavemaster" series of cases. Now, as luck would have it, Cooler Master has gone on to produce some other notable cases in the market - like the Stacker, and its offspring, the Stacker 830. They're all the top of the crop, premium models. So what's your everyday user to do when they want Cooler Master quality, style, and flair, albeit without a trail behind their wallet? Simple - grab one of the "Value" cases so to speak. From this vein of cases, I've already looked at the Ammo 533, and today, based around the exact same base, but with laid back design ideals, classy lines and a similar price point, I've got the workhorse of the Centurion line in the lab. How does it look, feel, and perform? Well then, read on to find out.