Ultra Products: Microfly SFF Case Review :: System Installation, Design Notes

06-22-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Tulatin

Getting a system into this case was incredibly easy compared to some other cases on the market (Antec Aria, anyone?). Though there are a few near deal breaking quirks - such as the heatsink height limitation, which comes from both the rear of the case and a crossbar within - setting things up turned out to be a breeze. Since the V-Series PSU would be needed to test on the normal test system, I opted to use an Ultra X-Connect 2, which ended up requiring the modification of the side panel. A modification, of course, which, done in the lieu of time, came through nicely with tin snips.

Ultra Products: Microfly SFF Case Review HSF Clearence Issue

HSF Clearence Issue

Unfortunately, I found out that it was impossible to use the bottom floppy bay as a HDD bay, which meant the use of a longer IDE cable would be needed. The next issue came hand in hand with using a slightly longer PSU - my optical drive barely fit. It turns out that since my work rig had a nicely short optical drive (an ancient LG DVD burner); it just barely cleared the modular ATX cable, so there was an accident averted. As to the rear mounted Nidec fan, I found no issues with side Clearence, just one issue with the fan's motor being trapped against the raised portion. Also to be noted inside this case was the unfortunate damage to the supporting crossbar. Apart from these minor flaws, I found the constructed system to be sturdy, and quite mobile. Nice work guys.

Ultra Products: Microfly SFF Case Review Crossbar Damage

Crossbar Damage

Ultra Products: Microfly SFF Case Review