Ultra Products: Microfly SFF Case Review :: Introduction

06-22-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Tulatin

It was only a matter of time, since those long years ago when a little company had an idea. In perhaps the first mainstream strike into the "Small Form Factor" market, Shuttle put out a system, based around an obscure format of motherboard, and an idea. A PC that could be absolutely tiny, almost comically so when it sat next to your monitor, yet one that had as much oomph as your regular desktop, albeit with a minor hit to expandability. The second real "Step" in the evolutionary timeline of the mainstream SFF system was with Monarch Systems releasing their Hornet Chassis, something which was mirrored closely by the Fragbox systems sold by Falcon Northwest. After this, a step in the right direction was made by Antec, with their Aria, in order to try and shrink the cases back down again. Yet shortly after this, a few companies (most notably Aspire with their X-Qpac) have come back to market. These "Small Form Factor" cases are quite a bit closer to "Medium Form Factor", as they're notably wider than any case I've ever seen, and suitably tall too. On the bench today is the Ultra Products Microfly, which shares many cues with Aspire's chassis, in styling and layout. To its advantage, though, the Microfly is an inch and a half or so longer, which should allow it to accommodate those bestial power supplies, for those who choose to lose the stock model. Since our chassis came with a power supply, we will be evaluating that with the standard measure, and checking out how it fits in with the case. This'll be a meaty review, but a fun one people, and expect to see this case featured again in a "Building a Water cooled SFF" article that'll coming on up. Anyway, to the point, let's get on with the show!