Computex Day 5: The Makings of a Motherboard :: The Roads Home

06-17-2006 · Category: Hardware -

By Tulatin

When you look into the quality control of the new boards, and just how much they go through, it's basically a complete turnaround from the ECS I once knew, aka the vender who ran with PC-Chips. The boards have gone from functional to fantastic, and it's because of practices such as the ones seen in the factories. I really have no doubts in the quality of the boards coming out of there, and in the potential for the future of these products. Now, while the tours were fun, and the lunches good, time is always fleeting, and so I must depart. I've hoped you all enjoyed seeing how the motherboard is made, and if you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to hit the forums with them. Until next time everybody, enjoy the article. The show's sun has set, and as has my own. Watch these spaces, as many reviews shall soon come.