at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 :: Corsair at Computex 2006

06-08-2006 · Category: Hardware -

By Tulatin

After stopping by ECS' booth, I had to make tracks to get to Corsair's for an appointment. Now, while its location was convenient enough, Corsair's booth isn't something you can just walk into and say "Yeah, whatever". It's a booth that you walk into expecting great things, where the big guys are striding about, and where the hot new hardware (like Danger Den inspired VPU blocks) resides.

The first thing that caught my eye was the abundance of the Silverstone TJ-07 cases. Beyond that, of course, was what was within them. Rather than rely on thin and flimsy heat spreaders, Corsair has begun work on finned models, which act essentially as heatsinks for the module. In addition, the memory chips are thermally connected to the ground plane, allowing their heat to be bled off into the motherboard. Most interestingly, however, was how this set of uberfast ram, with three 40MM fans feeding it was capable of hitting a mind blowing 626 MHz, DDR2-1256. More excitingly however, was confirmation that DDR2-1200 modules and kits would be hitting stores in just over a month. Hell, not just any kits - 2GB kits to boot. Now, with my personal experience seeing a FSB of 300MHz out of Conroe (more about this tomorrow, viewers), I'd be willing to wager that memory which is that fast is ready to take any gaming rig so far and beyond reason, that it's not funny. at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1

The second thing of interest at corsair was just how well the Nautilus 500 units were coping with the heat loads of SLI'd videocards and an overclocked CPU - a real testament to the engineering prowess behind them. I'm sure that in the coming weeks, quite a few reviews will come up across the web concerning these little cooling wonders, and thanks to their inherently good design, they should be far off from causing problems as the tubing can support the card. Now this is where I see Corsair standing above the rest - quality, and quantity. While Corsair's suite was no larger than my room at the hotel, what they managed to do there was damn impressive. Moreover, talking to Robert about the memory - past and future - was refreshing; his insights and knowledge intermingled easily with the speech during the meeting, making for the fact that I'm confident in knowing that Corsair will be leading the way for a while to come - especially with those EPP modules right around the corner, and just how many of their sticks are around Computex on their own. With that brief spot of coverage done, let's get a quick conclusion in, as the last day of my Computex adventure is about to take place here.