at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 :: Introduction

06-08-2006 · Category: Hardware -

By Tulatin

It's just my luck, that by only this second day (some time past 2AM now), I've mostly shaken the jet lag. With a 12 hour division between this strange new world any my home, it took minimal adjusting. To the point, though, today started roughly at 5AM, and after coffee, breakfast, and conversations with those around me, I was ready to hit the Computex show floor. Today's earliest meeting is up with Gigabyte, followed by a lull on the floor of hall 3 in which coverage of ASUS took place, followed by a tour of ECS' suite at New York New York, then a stop in at Corsair to discuss the future, and to take a look at a smoking hot screenshot - the absolute fastest thing I've seen, bar none. If you guys and gals are ready to see the spoils of the show so far, then read on in, and fear not, they'll be coming in the days oh so very soon, as there's a hell of a lot more to cover here than I had expected before. In the mean time, sit back and enjoy the show. at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 1