XFX GeForce 7950 GX2 XXX Edition Video Card Review :: Introduction

06-06-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

NVIDIA, in spite of any of their minor flaws has been dominating the VGA scene for the past few quarters, and ATI regardless of having a bit better image quality in 2D and usually 3D as well cannot seem to beat the GeForce 7 machine and their partners. NVIDIA has now upped the ante so to speak and instead of the Gigabyte 3D1 series of Dual-Graphics cards in a single slot solution we get the new 7950GX2 from NVIDIA themselves. What's so special? Well for starters compatibility, NVIDIA has ensured that many boards not just a single company boards, will support the new cards. For many users, a simple BIOS flash will allow you to use the new 7950 series cards in your existing board. For those building a new system from the ground up, no worries here almost all manufactures have a board that will suit your need and support the new 7950GX2. If you are looking for one of these bad boys to come in an AGP flavor you are looking to the past my friend as the PCIe interface is the only slot that can accommodate the 7950 series cards and the AGP is on its way to the graveyard.

XFX GeForce 7950 GX2 XXX Edition Video Card Review

Many people will ask about SLI and what it will now be called using two of these cards, Quad-SLI. For the moment Quad-SLI is an OEM in house supported configuration and not supported for the enthusiasts movement at the moment. This will change in the months ahead, but for now the big shakers such as Dell and Alienware will be the only supported Quad-SLI game in town. When it is supported, we will give a full account of how to build a Quad-SLI system so that anyone with the motivation and cash can undertake this adventure. XFX is a very strong partner with NVIDIA and only EVGA can really give them a competition worth talking about as BFG has become so obscure as to be a non-entity in the big picture. XFX has had a top of the line NVIDIA card for every release in the past few years and has really taken off as one of the big boys in the NVIDIA playground. The big thing about the new 7950 series of cards is that it offers SLI performance in a single slot solution and without buying two cards. XFX has brought to the table an overclocked version of this card, which should be the fastest pussycat in the game currently and the card that we are looking at today. Lets take a closer look at the new XFX 7950GX2 XXX Edition and see if its worth all the hype.