at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 0 :: Introduction

06-05-2006 · Category: Hardware -

By Tulatin

Ah Computex; the crowing show of the computing world. While this would usually be a great time to recount conventions past, innovations coming to light and products abound, there's a bit of a confession on my part to be made. Well, this will be my first time through the show, and as such, I'll probably be taking a pretty thorough look through everything. While it won't be easy to fit everything into the model I've got planned out (especially with the meetings and demonstrations floating around), you can expect full coverage across a four day model of the show. Day one (posted up later tonight), will comprise three manufacturers which represent the jist of our coverage. Today, I'll be covering the basics of the core of your system, and sitting down with Gigabyte, ECS and Corsair, talking about all sorts of future issues and potential things, such as support for the Conroe chip on current and future motherboards, additional fields into which each company will expand, and maybe, just maybe if I'm lucky, getting to look into what's going to be hot in the computing world this year. at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 0 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 0 at Computex Taipei 2006: Day 0

As the week progresses onward, the coverage will shift focus. Across the next four days, each different "Division" so to speak of the computing world will be getting its own portion of the coverage. Coverage will be as follows:

Day One: Motherboards (To Be Published June 6th)
Day Two: Memory, Processors, and Chipsets (To Be Published June 7th)
Day Three: Videocards and "Gaming Enhancers" (To Be Published June 8th)
Day Four: Cooling, Casings and Cool Stuff (To Be Published June 9th)
Day Five: Factory Tour: Gigabyte (To Be Published June 10th)
Day Six: ECS Factory Tours (To Be Published June 11th)
Day Seven: An overall summary of the show (To Be Published June 12th)

Alright, now with that schedule put out of the way, you guys can expect to see as much coverage of the show as is humanly possible in the span of the three (or so) days that I'll be here. So, if there's anything in specific that you, the viewer want to see, or hear about in the article, drop by to our forum thread about just this thing (Link:, and I'll try my very best to bring it up with manufacturers and include it in the show.

With all this important stuff out of the way, it's about time for this wayward writer to hit the trail. A hearty Chinese style breakfast is enroute, and I've got tons of pavement to pound today.

See you All Tomorrow!