AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ / FX62 CPU Review :: The Gaming Experience

05-23-2006 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

In this respect both systems we tested worked amazingly and without glitches or video hiccups. In the time we had both these CPUs we have played almost all the latest gaming titles in a variety of screen resolutions, and if you plan on going high-end with your CPU purchase and intend your system for gaming, either the Intel 955 Presler or the AMD Athlon FX60 will give you the performance you need for excelled gaming. The CPU really comes into play with gaming when multiple mathematical equations are required simultaneously, things such as multiple characters, buildings and units that are being displayed at the same time require these types of calculations. Act Of War, World Of Warcraft, and many other RTS and RPG games utilize the CPU more than many FPS type games do.

There is no real clear winner in this area as both chips provide an excellent CPU for the gaming experience and owning either means you own one of the game gods CPUs. Oh, and just to clarify a few facts: A couple of FPS in either direction is really irrelevant to the person sitting in front of the PC as after 30FPS the human eye can not even distinguish the variable differences. The real difference lies in the systems ability to handle all the features turned up to their maximum settings in the most demanding PC game titles. SLI is currently the reigning king of the ring when it comes to multiple GPU solutions and NVIDIA based motherboards are the only game in town for this venture. NVIDIA based cards by the laws of nature work better with their NVIDIA based motherboard counterpart, so for the AMD crowd the choice of chipset should be clear for the new X2 line. The AMD/NVIDIA relationship is ever so slowly taking over the Intel/Intel desktop stronghold.