AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ / FX62 CPU Review :: Overclocking The Dual-Cores

05-23-2006 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

Manual Overclocking AMD Platform

In this respect there is a difference between the AMD Athlon FX62 and the Intel 955 Presler, as the AMD FX62 is quite honestly a fast CPU out-of-box, but had only moderate headroom for overclocking. When using sir cooling the FX62 was only able to achieve a 3-4% gain from its factory default settings as it is being pushed to the limit of its performance as is. The FX62 does have better headroom than the previously released FX60 as far as overclocking goes, but it still has some limitations since it's already running at such high speeds. Using liquid cooling we were able to achieve around a 9% increase in clock speeds, but many users still are timid when it comes to mixing liquids with their electronics so this will not be for the meek of heart.

Manual Overclocking Intel Platform

The Presler on the other hand is a dynamo when it comes to overclocking provided you have excellent cooling. The CPU by nature seems to be running a bit on the hot side and needs a good liquid cooling solution to get the best results, but results can be gained fairly easily using quality memory and better than average cooling. We were easily able to hit the 4GHz mark completely stable with the Presler and its accompanied i975 chipset motherboard by ASUS using liquid cooling, which was impressive overclocking when compared with its AMD competitor in the manual overclocking phase and something the Intel enthusiasts can take joy in. The Intel Presler can achieve an up to a 15% increase in clock speeds. Take note: This CPU requires proper cooling and attention or it will burn itself up, especially with the voltages increased for stable overclocking results.

Automatic Overclocking AMD Platform

NVtune is the program that NVIDIA based motherboards use to do their automatic overclocking and it has been improved in version 5.0. There are a few ways you can set NVtune to go to work for you and they vary in time commitment as to how long they take to complete the overclocking testing. NVtune was really not that successful of a tool for us and we ended up using Systool as our automatic overclock tool. The FX62 was overclocker friendly to the Systool program and it worked about as well as our manual method did. We only suggest using any tool in lieu of the manual method as results that come from time indentured experimentation are usually much better than that of any tool. Tools are for the beginner and therefore offer beginner like results.

Automatic Overclocking Intel Platform

Using the ASUS Ai boosters NOS setting the to overclock the system you get the ability to just boost the CPU's speed by 5% -30%, without automatically adjusting the appropriate voltages (CPU, Memory, FSB, and Southbridge), as well as ratios (CPU:Ram Ratio), it wasn't possible to achieve the 4GHz success using the Ai NOS tool as we accomplished in the manual overclocking phase. Even with a good cooling solution, the lack of voltage adjustments usually makes establishing an overclock difficult. Additionally, with no form of stability testing in the software, novice users may do more harm than it is worth when trying to overclock the volcano which is Intel's Presler CPU. The Ai tool is okay, but still no match for the manual user with the knowledge to really tinker around with the system settings. Read the net and learn about your PC and the what, and how-to of overclocking.