AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ / FX62 CPU Review :: Conclusion

05-23-2006 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

This round shows the gap between Intel and AMD taking a wider gap in favor of AMD for the first time; to be candid the FX62 was a smoking gun as an out of box product. AMD has really made advancements the past year with new faster CPUs and better chipset partners like NVIDIA plugging away at their side. With the introduction of the new Nforce 5 590/570/550 chipset motherboards the AMD platform takes an even further step forward and with a solid relationship between the major manufactures I am sure we will see many a board boasting this new chipset in one of its three flavors.

Intel's new Presler has a bit of bad and good that may daunt some and interest others depending on the caliber of user you are. Intel is going to have problems with Presler if the heat problems associated with it are not resolved for most users, on the other hand the Presler if cooled with a good water system can be overclocked by quite a bit, something the AMD FX62 does not seem to be able to accomplish with such zest. This is good for AMD as their CPU can be easily integrated into a system without the need for after market cooling, and more user-friendly to end users assembling home systems. AMD has finally made the playing field and even place for themselves and integrators system builders who can foresee the weather forecast should take a serious re-look at AMD and what the FX62 has to offer.

For the person who really wants to be able to push their CPU above and beyond spec, in the (because you can) way of thinking the 955 is really amazing. With standard air-cooling the CPU is just way too hot for conventional air requirements, but if you have the gumption to forsake the doldrums of conventional, this is your kind of CPU. This is the kind of CPU that requires extreme cooling measures to get the maximum benefits of its full potential. Using a liquid cooling system we were easily able to achieve a system bus speed of 320MHz, which isn't too shabby. Unless Intel can pull a rabbit from their proverbial hat, AMD has some solutions coming out later this quarter that will seriously put an even bigger dent in their desktop market. Let's just say this shall we, if two cores was the evolution of the CPU, what is the next step for the desktop market? When you finally get a chance to see this: your reply might be a bit like mine: Oh Shit! Yeah it's that crazy man.

I will start to do my actual day in and out tests with the FX62 and ASUS motherboard and will address that aspect in our review of the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe in a week or so. As far as the industry testing goes the Intel P4 955 Presler got whipped pretty much across the board and for the first time I think the AMD platform is starting to head to head compete with Intel's desktop i975 platform in the multitasking arena. From what I have seen so far it's all good in the AMD hood. If you currently own a 939 based system going out and jumping into this new platform does not have that much to offer to abandon your 939 ship. If you are a new system builder or buyer however I would most assuredly choose the new AM2 platform with an Nforce5 chipset motherboard as my choice of system, especially if AMD is the CPU where your moneys going. My only question at the end if the day is this: How long can AMD hold on to this achievement of having the fastest desktop platform? In any case AMD has made amazing strides as a company and has become a seriously respected name in the CPU business. The playing field has been tilted, and AMD takes the lead. Can Intel's Conroe buck AMD from their newly found throne? Well Until next time folks.